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Frequently asked Questions



How should we contact you
if we have a fire that requires investigating?

You can reach us at 954-961-3502 or via email, info@hsmconsulting.net

Do you investigate
any types of vehicle fires?

If it catches fire, we will investigate - period!  Our investigators are enthusiasts. We like a challenge!


Can you work for
private individuals as well as insurance companies?

Yes, we work with all different clients from private individuals through to multi-national organizations.





How long
will it take you to complete an investigation?

As a guide, we will generally report within one week. However, we do not subscribe to the ‘report within 3 days no matter what’ school of investigation. We would prefer to take an extra day or two to conduct further research, if needed.

How quickly
can you respond to a fire?

Normally within 24hrs, however we can be anywhere within the State of Florida in 4-6 hours or less, if necessary.







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